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Information for Healthcare Professionals



Colorectal Cancer Capacity study completed by SDSU - The purpose of the study was
to evaluate the state of South Dakota’s current CRC screening practices and capacity
indicators.  Read the Executive Summary and Full Report here.


SDSU completes Healthcare Provider Knowledge, Attitudes, Practices, and Beliefs
about Colorectal Cancer Screening
- The purpose of this project was to explore healthcare
provider knowledge, attitudes, practices, and beliefs related to CRC screening. 
Read the Executive Summary and Full Report here.

National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable releases new FOBT Clinician’s Reference Resource
new 2-page resource designed to introduce (or reintroduce) clinicians to the value of stool
blood testing. It explains stool blood testing in general, makes physicians aware of the
differences between a guaiac FOBT and a Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT), explains why
different kinds of FOBTs are superior and outlines some of the elements that need to go into
a quality stool blood testing screening program.


Colonoscopy Surveillance After Polypectomy and Colorectal Cancer Resection
- American Academy of Family Physicians